Merchandising: Presentation is everything

Good design and the branding style should follow through into the store and its window displays. The more creative, exciting and appealing the shop floor and imaginative the product displays; the bigger the customer draw. A new window or shop theme or season display is also a story for the website blog, email newsletter, instore magazine, PR coverage and social media. Every initiative should be flagged up via every available route. 

Independent retailers especially need to seize every advantage. Presenting products in the best possible light is essential and creative merchandising and window displays work in attracting that all important footfall through the door. Whether brand style is one of humour or elegance, or a mixture of the two (as beautifully executed by Biba in its heyday) the instore signage, displays, posters and window graphics should all convey this brand personality.

Ozone Creative works with several stylists and has an extensive range of props in storage. We can help retail clients at any or every stage from coming up with a concept, creating graphics and posters to window dressing and restyling the whole shop. These styling skills can also be used at photoshoots – helping clients deliver the best photography for PR and website purposes, increasing the chance of coverage and sales.

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