Media/PR: Advertising, PR and the grey area inbetween

Public Relations is thought to deliver nine times the value of advertising. Without having to pay out for design fees and space, it is understandably the preferred form of coverage for many. However, there are no guarantees with PR. Having supplied a well-written newsworthy story to a suitable publication with attractive, appropriate imagery before their deadline, the client has no control as to if, how, when or in what way the editorial is used.

Ozone Creative will only advise PR if there is a genuinely credible angle that the press may be interested in; we don’t peddle promotional fluff. In the case of retailers and labels/suppliers, high quality product photography with full captions is a good place to start.

We will sometimes recommend that editorial is supported by advertising. This reiterates the brand message and provides support to the publication – most of which are reliant on ad revenue. We tend to avoid ‘advertorial’ packages.

Advertising can be very effective, provided the right message is delivered by a suitable publication with the correct readership in an effective way. A series of clever, creative advertisements that convey the brand style and a message that grabs the attention will make an impact.

Although advertising offers guaranteed coverage, unlike PR, the results can be similarly slow burn. It’s a case of building awareness, then familiarity and finally trust – more likely as a result of a series of effective ads, backed up by editorial coverage. Aside from the style and content of the ad, the fact that a business produces and runs a professional advertising campaign indicates their credibility and security. Conversely, a badly conceived and designed advert can be detrimental to the brand.

Other advertising routes include TV, radio and the internet. Again what needs to be considered is whether this media matches the brand and whether a potential market will be found through one of these routes. With a growth in stations and channels, many digital and enjoyed through the internet, there’s a strong chance that the demographic and style of a brand can be matched to a suitable radio or TV station. Clients should be aware that to produce a high quality, creative advert requires a generous budget, separate to the air time booking fee.

Of course, if an internet service (like an online boutique) is being promoted, it makes sense to use the internet for marketing – as it’s just a click away for the visitor. Provided a site is fully-optimised and uses free listings, back links and social media to full effect, there is little need for extra online spend – with the possible exception of professional SEO services and some specific PPC (pay per click).

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