Branding: More than a name; more than a logo

Much more than a logo, a brand conveys a product or service’s personality, ethos and style. To a devotee, a brand can be a badge of honour and a sign of wealth, taste and class.

There are branded products out there that have accomplished amazing levels of success and adoration from their consumers. This has mostly been due to their branding and marketing; rather than the quality of the actual product.

One of the highest profile brands out there was created by an ambitious, savvy young woman – who knew the value of a slick bit of marketing. Brand Beckham covers fashion, perfume, underwear, sportswear and more. There’s speculation that, following David’s retirement from football, the Beckham’s earnings and brand profile will climb higher still. This multi-million dollar brand all stemmed from Victoria Adams, when still an aspiring Spice Girl, quoted as saying that she wanted to be ‘as famous as Persil Automatic’.

It’s unusual for a person to ‘be’ a brand – although common for brands to align themselves with celebrities, personalities or even a ‘type’ of consumer. It can be hugely advantageous for new brands to work with or sponsor upcoming celebrities – in the hope that both will hit the big time.

In marketing, the brand should always be created first – with established rules of corporate identity, including colours and complementary typefaces. From there, it’s about establishing the style and personality of the brand, both visually and through the tone of content used. In doing this, a ‘smart’ brand will also identify its ideal customer; one who will trust and buy into their brand personality.

Retailers should think of their brand as touching every element of their business from their outdoor signage, to packaging, to online and offline marketing materials through to coordinating colour schemes and indoor displays. Once in store, it does no harm to remind the customer of the name of the shop.

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