Retailers/Suppliers: Set out your stall to win good business

Traditional shopkeepers have been dealt a tricky hand in the last few years… recession, competition from internet retailers, out-of-town shopping and local parking restrictions have all taken their toll. Their customers seem to have less money and less time but more choice from non-traditional competition.


If ever ‘outside the box’ thinking was required to attract custom, it’s required now. We work closely with a retail consultant and can happily offer an introduction, should the issue be bigger than the need for marketing help.

Ozone Creative can, however, offer some tailored solutions with regards to appropriate branding, media relations, customer communications, website, advertising, PR, copywriting, photography, styling, merchandising, window dressing and creating and managing events. In short, we can get the right message out to the right customers and get retail businesses noticed.

Call Gaynor on 0845 0945 138 or 07942 987733 or email to set up a no-pressure meeting.