Being Responsive to Today’s Web Visitor

How people interact with websites has undergone a complete transformation over the past few years. Viewed on different sized screens on numerous devices – laptops, iPads, iPhone, tablets, androids and more – it’s imperative that a site automatically resizes accordingly to a legible, user-friendly format.

Layout 1

This is called responsive web design – and the Ozone Creative site is an example. On whichever device the site is viewed, it maintains its user-friendly design, legibility and functionality.

With an ever-increasing number of people viewing the net on mobile devices, a responsive design is now essential for any serious business. Non-responsive sites will just have potential customers giving up in frustration – and probably going to the competition with a more up-to-date website.

From an economics point of view going responsive makes sense too. For many companies it may negate the need for separate mobile websites or even Apps. Mobile web use is expected to exceed desktop/laptop usage in the next few years.

In a time-poor society, wanting speed and convenience, who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to shop online while sitting in the car, waiting for the kids to come out of school, or book a restaurant table when on the train home?

The future is mobile and it’s time to get responsive – or lose business. Contact Gaynor on 07956 142214 or email if you’d like to discuss your website or marketing needs.