Content: Concise words and clear pictures make us content

In a time-poor society there are millions of words out there vying for our attention. Whether these words hit their targets rely on many factors – and if the reader hasn’t been drawn in by the opening paragraph, you’ve pretty much lost them.

Ozone Creative writes in the third person, editorial tone, with the aim of informing and,  hopefully, entertaining the reader. While retaining the tone of the brand, the written approach is dictated by who is being addressed and in what form, eg. the media in a press release, new customers in an advert on London Underground or brand devotees in a subscribed to email newsletter. In the latter case the client should already be addressing an interested and brand aware readership.

It’s a given that companies in the retail and manufacturing sectors must invest in professional photography. Successful catalogues and e-commerce sites depend on clear images, often shot from several angles. With an expectation that customers part with serious money, they need to see the ‘complete picture’.

The Ozone Creative contact book includes photographers, with different areas of expertise – from food to fashion, interior design to sporting events. We can additionally recommend stylist, make-up artists and art directors, according to the client’s requirements.

For service industries too, a professional shoot can be a wise investment. Even corporate director shots can be taken with a bit more creativity against a less predictable backdrops, out of the office context.

To discuss content requirements* contact Gaynor –  email or call 0845 0945 138 or 07956 142214. *We’ll try to make you happy (wordplay humour).