Professionals: At your service for marketing the pros

Professionals services – whether accountancy, banking, insurance, law or medical services – can prove to be rather dry, if essential, subject matter. With a lack of product or location imagery, it takes a bit more lateral thinking to come up with suitable concepts and campaigns.


With a possible business to consumer and business to business market, there is generally more scope for success in segmenting the market and focussing on one angle or niche area at a time. Each message will, however, follow the same brand rules and form part of a complementary corporate approach.

The best marketing identifies a customer’s question and need, perhaps before they are clear on the issue themselves. It then suggests a solution but leaves the customer to come up with the ultimate resolution; that they should make contact and have their problem solved.

Unless the professional services company gets immersed in community issues or is a supporter of a local charity, their chances of PR coverage is limited. Creative advertising and client communications are more likely to reap rewards.

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