Print materials: Leaving a lasting impression

What kind of print materials are required depends on the target customer and the product or service being promoted.

Too many organisations fall into the trap of ordering a stationery package, including letterhead and folders, when all that’s really required is business cards and promotional postcards. With the advent of email, in real terms, how many business letters does anyone write these days? Aside from mailing costs and cost to the environment, snail mail is an inefficient way of doing business when time is money.

In most cases a bit of creativity goes a long way. It’s better to spend money on clever and effective design of a business card, series of postcards or mini-brochure. Not only can the copy and design be matched to the brand, to attract the right supporters, but the print work itself can be eye-catching or even appealing in a tactile way. These days digital print is not confined to the numerous types of paper and card, designs can be printed onto fabrics, wood, metal and plastics. Foil block, wood cuts, metallics, neons and die cutting are all options to be included in the mix.

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