Marketing: Get your message out there; attract your customers

There are an increasing number of ways of finding and appealing to potential customers – some may seem expensive, some may seem slow, others are free and instant. Today’s  media landscape is diverse – from hyper-local blogger and Parish newsletters to global websites and the sponsoring of international sporting icons.

With proper understanding of the brand and its personality, it’s easier to match the brand to suitable forms of marketing and types of media. In the 21st century mobile society, a responsive website is a priority for pretty much every organisation – whether it’s an ecommerce store or a simple profile site.

Responsive design means a website that can be viewed legibly and in a user-friendly manner, whatever the device it is viewed on – smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. People are time poor and nearly half website visitors are now ‘on the go’, ie, sites are viewed on their smart phone or iPad while commuting or waiting to pick up the kids. A responsive site also negates the need for a separate app.

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Most companies will require some print materials – ranging from a business card, to a promotional postcard to smart brochures or catalogues. Some companies, such as Argos and Next rightly give equal importance to their online and offline catalogues. Other companies are using contract publishing to build strong customer relations, brand loyalty and to encourage further sales.

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If done well, print can be effective and memorable. Not always destined for the recycling; some print materials are retained, some passed on. However, print is expensive and, of course, has an impact on the environment. Smaller businesses need to think carefully as to whether extensive printing will make its money back. If the print and distribution figures don’t stack up, email marketing may be a far more cost-effective option. In all cases, companies need to consider how their customers would prefer to be approached and what is likely to prompt a more favourable response.

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