Communications: Publish and build relationships

Communication is key when raising funds and awareness as a charity or NFP. It’s essential to build a virtual relationship with stakeholders through whatever means available – social networking, email marketing or contract publishing.

Some organisations shy away from Twitter and Facebook and the like, but these routes offer invaluable and instant reader feedback. This should prove an opportunity to the savvy marketeer who manages their social media well – provided their responses are swift, friendly and positive. Social media can help nip issues in the bud before they become bigger problems and can build a brand’s personality and deliver an organisation’s messages.

Email marketing is a growth area and, far from being spam, is generally requested by the readership. A good website should allow people to subscribe to a regular newsletter. Like this site, it should be designed to be viewed on tablets and smart phones, as well as laptops and desktop PCs.

Instore magazines – produced by contract publishers – first appeared in the 1980s. Many charities and NFP groups produce their own publications. No longer considered a luxury, own magazines offer organisations the chance to effectively convey their message, with research showing, on average, a contract publication is read for 30 minutes. It may be expensive but it’s unlikely that any other form of marketing offers such dedicated and undivided attention to branded organisation and its activities.

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