Not for profit: Not so taxing marketing initiatives

Not all organisations are VAT registered – often because they are newly set up, are a charity or Not For Profit (NFP) or because they are in an industry that is VAT exempt – like a care agency. As they are unable to claim VAT back from HMRC these businesses understandably don’t want to be stung by an extra 20 per cent on their purchases.

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Although Ozone Creative owner Gaynor Edwards has over 20 years’ experience in publishing and marketing in London and throughout the South East, the business is not currently VAT registered. The launch of Ozone Creative is partly down to personal lifestyle choices – which may mean the company stays within the VAT threshold long-term.

Effectively, this could represent VAT exempt businesses saving a fifth on their marketing bill – while still benefiting from hands-on help from an experienced, well-connected creative consultant. Similarly mindful of not wanting to incur VAT charges, Gaynor will advise clients  on tax exempt options, specifically within print and publishing. Wishing to promote fresh creative talent, we will endeavour to match VAT exempt clients with non-VAT-registered suppliers.

Wherever possible, we have sub-contractors bill the client direct. We do not take a cut or charge a mark-up, other than any significant time spent on advice/input. We believe in using and recommending good services – in the interests of delivering a better job.

Where Ozone Creative is asked to manage the clients’ advertising budget and marketing activities, we always consider best value for money and ideally how to make our work reusable or multi-functional. For example, copy written for a press release is tweaked to be included on the website as a blog and included in a newsletter (printed or online) with links spread through social media. In other cases we might recommend an A5 landscape brochure/folder rather than A4, as this will save on postage costs. On a larger mailing, this is significant money saved.

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