Websites: Weaving the magic of the web

The internet provides access to a global 24 hour market – helping venues present their offering to the world. Depending on the venue and its requirements, the web presence might be a simple profile site, a virtual brochure or an all-singing, all-dancing reservations and booking site.

The brand rules should be consistent, carried through from offline to online marketing and all sites these days should be responsive – in order that they can be viewed on mobile devices, as well as on full screens.

The website is a means of building visitor relationships, a communication forum and a great means of data capture – allowing interested visitors to request further information. Wherever possible a website should engage with its visitor instantly and invite two way communication, with options on how to make contact, how to engage using social media and how to be added to the database – to sign up for further information or subscribe to a regular newsletter.

In working towards building a client relationship, the website encourages brand loyalty and consequently sales and repeat business. If a customer requests further information, they are half way to making a purchase – provided that information is delivered by the client.

However functional and beautifully designed a website, content remains king and the job of a good site is to provide, clearly and concisely, the information the visitor or potential customer requires. Website content should always be mindful of the needs of the visitor. In words and pictures, a website – or more specifically its home page – has only seconds in which to grab the visitor’s attention.

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With a clean CMS (content managed system) the client – or a designated copywriter can update and freshen up web copy, especially via a blog section. New content gets picked up by Google and the like and aids a company’s SEO, ie. how high up they appear on a Google search listing.

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