Leisure: Encouraging customers to eat, drink and be merry

UK leisure industries have suffered as much as anyone over the past few years of recession. Those that rely on outdoor pursuits have also been tested by some disappointing summers. Many have had to rework their offering or widen the net to draw in more diverse custom.


Some restaurants and hotels have offered package deals, themed events or special promotions to stimulate business. For others there have still been opportunities for growth. Where people may be holding off booking a long-haul holiday, they might compensate by eating out more or taking a mini-break.

Leisure industries that have survived and thrived throughout the recession – whether restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, sports clubs or venues – have done so through persistence and creative thinking. Invariably they will have upped their marketing efforts.

Events will offer huge potential for publicity and cross-promotion. Clever businesses will join forces with complementary services. They will also utilise the full spectrum of promotional and marketing  tools – including free listings, social media routes, client communications and PR.

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